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Nature all around us is FULL of sensory activities. Rolling on the grass. Playing with sand. Feeling stones. Throwing leaves in the air. Different textures. Many smells and sounds. Sinking feet in the mud.


Do you remember the feeling of mud between your toes? We often want children to stay clean, however, there are many benefits to muddy play in childhood. Discover them in this book tribute to Mud!


With this 18 page pdf guide you will be taken on a journey into discovering earth and mud (and all the other many resources!) to teach and learn with children outdoors. The information and activities are organised in age groups from 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 and are made for teachers, educators, parents, carers and anyone working or living with children.


PLUS all of the resources are fully equipped with TIPS & FURTHER
RESOURCES (authors, books, materials, tools, articles, guides, etc) to allow you to continue flying on your own learning journey.


This guide is the full book inspired by video 02 MUD PLAY by WILD ME TRIBE


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7,00 €Precio de oferta
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